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Our vision is to make spiritual knowledge available to all seekers


This Thursday at the TS Center for Spiritual Studies our Community Potluck at 6pm followed by Summer Solstice Ritual, led be Janet Kessenich and beginning at 7:30pm. This is a free event.

Then, on Saturday at 7pm, please join us for "Experience Your Past Lives with Victor Robert Venckus." Victor is the long-time host of the popular radio program, "Expanding Awareness" on WZBC. $20.

Announcing the new TS Center for Spiritual Studies

The Board of Directors of the Theosophical Society is pleased to announce that beginning September 21, 2012, all of our programming will fall under the heading of our new TS Center for Spiritual Studies. The Center at 21 Maple Street, Arlington, joins the Resource Library, Meditation Hall and Garden, and Practitioner Space to form our new "campus" identity.

With this addition, our intent is to more clearly communicate who/what we are to broader audiences, be more inclusive of all we offer, and continue to embrace theosophy ("ageless wisdom") and the objects of the Theosophical Society which encourage creating space for people to come together to study, communicate about, and share in an appreciation of the many spiritual traditions and "paths to enlightenment" available to us.

As always, we endeavour to be a community that allows people to awaken to their spiritual potential. Thank you for being a part. Your presence--yes, yours!--makes a difference.

The Theosophical Society is a community of spiritually-minded people who share the conviction that the pursuit of truth has many paths. Theosophy means divine wisdom, and our mission is to offer lectures, courses, and workshops that explore approaches to achieving well-being and a higher understanding of life and existence.


The Theosophical Society welcomes all who share our vision to make spiritual knowledge available to the public. Our facility is in Arlington, in the greater Boston area, and we have rooms for both group events and private practitioners.


Visitors, presenters, workshop leaders, and practitioners are invited to our presentations and events and to view our campus. Please join us!


21 Maple Street, Arlington, MA 02476



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"I would say to those of you who are young today: look forward to a future full of nobler tasks that you may do what we have left undone. Never forget that life can only be nobly inspired and rightly lived if you take it bravely and gallantly as a splendid adventure." -- Annie Besant