Presenting at the TS Center for Spiritual Studies

"The Theosophical Society is the best location in the City for what we do, and you provide it at such a reasonable price."                                        --Barry Harris and Kevin Martin, 2012 workshop presenters

The TS Center invites you to use our renovated facilities for your presentations. Your intended offering should align with our vision to make spiritual knowledge available to all seekers. Consider whether it:

       •Seeks universal truth

       •Honors and respects other spiritual points of view and those who hold them

       •Recognizes that we are all expressions of the same life and that our well-being is linked with everything        

Our Facilities

The TS Center has rooms suitable for a variety of events, such as lectures, talks, classes, workshops, and sessions with individual clients. 

  • The first floor has a Lecture Room that seats up to 40 people, kitchen facilities, and two bathrooms (one handicapped accessible). Available for use are folding chairs, large tables, and an HD LCD TV with built-in DVD player.  
  • The second floor features three rooms and our Library. These rooms can accommodate eight to twelve people for groups and are also ideal spaces for private practitioner work, such as healing, massage, and therapy.
  • In a separate building in our garden, there is a Meditation Hall and a shaded patio with picnic tables. With cork floors and freshly painted walls, the Hall is a sanctuary, ideal for contemplative practices and small workshops in spring, summer, and fall.

Rental Options

Presenters, instructors, workshop and leaders may choose one of three options:

(1) Standard Rental Arrangement. The Lecture Room (first floor) rents for $25/hour or $150/day (six hours or more). Upstairs rooms rent for classes at $15/hour or $90/day (six hours or more). Space is available 30 minutes before the event (at no additional cost) for set up; 15 minutes are allowed post-event (at no additional cost) for cleanup. We reserve the right to request that a volunteer host attends the event at no charge.   

(2) Rent Covered by Collected Fees. With prior Board approval, presenters do not pay rent, but participants pay a fee to attend. Even if admission fees collected exceed standard rental costs, total fees are paid to the TS Center to help cover costs and maintain our facility.

(3) Sixty/Forty Split: With prior Board approval, the total admission fees collected are shared between the presenter (sixty percent of the intake) and the TS Center (forty percent of the intake).

Non-refundable Deposit Required

The TS requires a minimum two-hour rental with a one-hour, non-refundable deposit.  For weekend workshops, a one-hour deposit for each day is required. For multi-part and/or consecutive week rentals, a one-hour deposit for each day is required.

Presentation Description and Information

All presentations must first be approved by the Program Coordinator, the Board President and/or the Board, and must fall within the mission of the Society.

To offer an event or workshop, please submit your description in the following format:

•Name of Event
•Date, start and end time
•Name of presenter, phone, email (Note: the presenter, not the TS is the primary contact for a class or presentation)
•Room desired  
•50-60 word description of event
•Cost, including any pre-registration requirements
•Approximately 25-word bio of presenter

Note: The TS reserves the right to edit descriptions for length and content.

Scheduling a Presentation, Class or Event

All requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend submitting your request at least two months prior to the event. Shorter notice for events will be considered by room availability.

Please contact our Program Coordinator, Janet Kessenich, at or 617-926-4155 to schedule your event.


All presenters are encouraged to publicize their own event. In addition, the TS typically posts the event on our website, calendar, and other online venues. Some events may also be publicized in local newspaper listings and posted in flyers, at our discretion.

Please contact us with questions or to visit our facilities. We look forward to hosting your event!